Parish News & Notes

Special Announcements from our Clergy, Staff, and Societies

PROSPHORON & OLIVE OIL NEEDED: Once again, our parish is seeking donations of prosphoron and olive oil. Please bring these items to church with you when you come for worship or to the church office during the week. Thank you!

RETREAT SPONSORS NEEDED! Do you want to make a difference in the lives of our youth? Become a sponsor for a Sunday School Retreat! We are looking for individuals and families to sponsor our educational retreats for 6th-12th graders throughout the year. If you are interested or have questions, please speak with Fr. Ted or Fr. Dimitri.

THE FRIENDS OF LAZARUS MINISTRY is looking for interested individuals who enjoy putting smiles on seniors faces and can commit to leading a monthly bingo night at one of the AHEPA senior apartments. It’s fun, easy and gratifying, and you set the schedule. For more information, please contact Demetri Zembillas at 219-730-1547 or Kelly Barajas at 219-331-9229.

SHUT-IN VISITATION: If anyone is shut in at home, the hospital or nursing home and would like our clergy to visit and administer the Sacraments of Holy Confession, Holy Communion and/or Holy Unction, please call the church office at 219-769-2481 to make an appointment. 

HOLY CONFESSION: Make an appointment with your spiritual father or parish priest for your spiritual checkup. Remember, confession is good for the soul!