Parish News & Notes

Special Announcements from our Clergy, Staff, and Societies

THE KALYMNIAN SOCIETY invites everyone to attend the Vespers Service in honor of St. Savvas of Kalymnos this Saturday, April 1st, at 6:00 p.m. in the chapel. Following worship, a Lenten Fellowship Hour will be offered.

SHUT-IN VISITATION: If anyone is shut in at home, the hospital or nursing home and would like our clergy to visit and administer the Sacraments of Holy Confession, Holy Communion and/or Holy Unction, please call the church office at 219-769-2481 to make an appointment. Please do not wait until Holy Week, as our clergy may not have enough time because of the busy worship service schedule and other unforeseen needs and emergencies to be able to meet everyone’s needs.

HOLY CONFESSION: As we enter into Great Lent, let us take a moment and examine our lifestyles. Are we growing closer to Christ or further away? Are we living a life in Christ or one of sin? If we died today, where would we spend eternity? Please do not wait until the last minute to schedule your appointment for Holy Confession. Make an appointment with your spiritual father or parish priest for your spiritual checkup. Remember, confession is good for the soul!

SPECIAL APPEAL: Sadly, we have learned that Fr. Angelo Artemas, son of Fr. John and Presvytera Niki Artemas (of blessed memory), has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. In the spirit of brotherly love, clergy throughout the Archdiocese are appealing to the faithful to assist Fr. Angelo and his family with your prayers and a financial donation to help cover the ever-mounting medical costs. Donations from our parish may be made through the Helping Hand Fund with a footnote: for Fr. Angelo.

JOB OPENING: Our parish is seeking someone (either a man, or a husband/wife team) to fill the position of church sexton. This is a paid position and we will teach/train you. Responsibilities are to assist the clergy during worship services, sacraments and funerals, as well as cleaning the church and chapel, ordering church supplies and opening and closing the facility. Anyone interested must contact Fr. Ted, JoAnn Massow or any Parish Council member, as well as our office manager Tasie Bairaktaris.

BOOKSTORE & GIFT SHOP: New books, icons and other items are added weekly! We have a wide-variety of resources in house and on line to prepare you for and take you through Lent and Pascha. Shop these items on line here: To browse our entire bookstore and gift shop selections on line, click here:

PROSPHORA NEEDED: The church is in need of prosphora, the liturgical bread used in the Divine Liturgy. It can be brought to the church office during business hours or given to the clergy, sexton or parish council members on Sunday.

LENTEN DONATIONS NEEDED: To help celebrate the upcoming Lenten Services, your assistance is needed for the following donations: Flowered Frames for the Salutation Services to the Virgin Mary - $150 per frame, each Friday; and jonquils for the Veneration of the Holy Cross (Sunday, March 19th) - $375. A breakdown of items needed is listed in the Feb. Message. To donate, click here: or call the church office.