Information on the Parish Greek Fest

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Another Greek Fest is behind us and so are many months of hard work. Different from our usual Summer Greek Festival, this year’s Summer Greek Fest Drive-Thru still required a lot of planning and hard work. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone: clergy and laity, men and women, young and senior, parishioner and non-parishioner, who devoted so much of their time, talent and financial resources to make our Summer Greek Fest Drive-Thru 2022 possible. Though few volunteers stepped forward, those who did worked hard, especially our youth, and their efforts were beneficial for our Cathedral. We are truly thankful to the Lord and to all our workers for a job well done.

Special thanks and a deep appreciation go to our Festival Chairman, Bill Logothetis, our St. Helen’s Philoptochos, as well as to all our numerous donors of lambs, baked goods and other items on our wish list, along with our sponsors, as well as the multitude of volunteers, especially the youth of our parish, who worked so untiring for the Fest setting up, operating and cleaning up afterwards. Again, thank you to everyone for your support, commitment, hard work and cooperation in making Greek Fest Drive Thru a huge financial success for our parish.


1st Place            $ 7,500                  Ticket  #2213         Lydia Johnson

2nd Place           $ 2,500                 Ticket  #0351         Georgeann Fangras

3rd Place           $ 1,500                  Ticket  #0023        Pamela & Genesis Rodrigo

4th Place           $ 1,000                  Ticket  #3143         Dan Barajas

5th Place           $ 1,000                  Ticket  #0406        Anna Gallo

1st Early Bird   $    500                    Ticket  #1150         Chris Schillo

2nd Early Bird $    500                    Ticket  #0381         Edward & Elizabeth Foster

3rd Early Bird  $    500                    Ticket  #1983         Rini & Rania Polimus

Congratulations to all our winners! A very huge thank you to all who participated in this year's Raffle, either by selling (especially our youth team at the Drive Thru) or purchasing them.