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06 March 2015

06 March 2015

06 March 2015

06 March 2015


The Orthodox Church is so rich in its variety of services. At no time is this better shown than during Great Lent. Here are some brief explanations about the services offered in our parish during this period.

THE COMPLINE SERVICE (Mondays: 6:00pm) is a prayer service said before sleeping. The prayers revolve around two points: thanksgiving – “for the night gives response from the labor of the day and reminds us of death which sleep resembles…” and petition – “that we may sleep peacefully through the night and awaken to see light again.” At this service the worshipper invokes the Grace of God to illuminate our faith and strengthen our will to serve Him.

THE LITURGY OF THE PRESANCTIFIED GIFTS (Wednesdays: 6:00pm) is a living testimony that an Orthodox Christian cannot live the life of Christ unless we continually renew our union with the Source of Life, Christ, by partaking of His precious Body and Blood. In this ancient service the Gifts to be received in Communion are not consecrated during the service, but rather have been consecrated at the previous Sunday Liturgy.

The Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts differs from the Divine Liturgy in form. The service is combined with a Vespers service and only resembles the Divine Liturgy in the bringing out of the Holy Gifts, the preparation for Communion and the thanksgiving for Communion. The whole purpose of this service is to allow the faithful to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion on weekdays during Great Lent.

THE SALUTATIONS TO THE VIRGIN MARY (Fridays – 6:30pm) is a very important and integral part of our religious and ecclesiastical life. Beginning with the story of the Annunciation, the Hymn depicts in a beautiful way all the phases of the natural and supernatural life of Christ, describing His blessed Mother as the chief witness and observer.

THE LITURGY OF ST. BASIL is celebrated on the Sundays of Great Lent (9:00am). This Liturgy is much like the Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. However, it contains many more lengthy prayers which stress repentance and forgiveness, two major themes stressed to the faithful during Lent.

Let us find the time during Lent to participate in these services with faith, reverence and love. Let us contemplate and make a sincere effort to come nearer to the Mystery of Salvation and fully feel the Resurrection of our Lord. Then we may be sure that our faith will grow stronger and deeper; our love more fervent; and our life more holy and perfect.

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