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Ten Commandments for Christmas

Ten Commandments for Christmas

1. You shall remember to keep Christ in Christmas.

2. You shall pause in your business to consider the magnitude of God’s gift of Christ to mankind.

3. Remembering that Mary and Joseph found no room in the inn, you shall give Christ the chief room in your heart.

4. You shall enjoy, in peaceful calm, the priceless heritage of the Christmas Liturgy, which exalts the Lord Jesus.

5. You shall participate in the Christmas activities sponsored by your church.

6. You shall take time to plan for the happiness of those outside your own circle of family and friends.

7. You shall give of yourself in all gifts, giving not for duty, reciprocity, or personal satisfaction, but for the simple joy of sharing.

8. You shall be generous in your gifts for philanthropy and foreign missions at Christmas.

9. You shall remember, with great patience and understanding, all those who serve you: the salesclerk, the postman, the delivery people, your clergy and all others who bear the physical burden of the holiday season.

10. You shall teach your children the true meaning of Christmas, of the Prince of Peace, Who came to give mankind a way to righteousness and true lasting happiness.

Christmas Pageant

THE CHRISTMAS PAGEANT, which is the story of Christ’s birth, has taken on a new importance in today’s society. With the absence of the Nativity Scene from public places, and religious programs absent from our public schools and TV programming, the parish Christmas Pageant becomes a necessary tool of communicating Christ’s birth to our children, families and friends.

We ask your support for our Sunday School students, through your attendance at the liturgy on Sunday, Dec. 21st, and to remain for and participate in the short program that they will offer.


Love and Care Drive

Our Sunday Church School is collecting mittens, gloves, hats and scarves for the needy children of our area. Let us show others our love and care by bringing in something warm to wear. Donated items may be brought to the Sunday School office from Sunday, November 16th to Sunday, December 14th.

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December 21, 2014

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