Fr. Ted Poteres
Fr. George Pappas



Grecian Festival

July 10-12

Mark your calendars!!!

Guide Points for a Successful Festival

RAFFLE TICKETS for the Grecian Festival have been mailed out to all our parishioners back in April. If you haven’t received your tickets, please contact the church office (769-2481), and inform one of our secretaries. We ask all our parishioners to please make every effort to sell their tickets or purchase as many as they can. We have set a goal to sell 4,000 tickets this year, which would bring in a profit of $80,000. Raffle tickets are still $25 a piece. Prize money for the Raffle is $20,000 and once again as an added bonus, there will be three Early Bird drawings. The 2nd Early Bird drawing will take place Sunday, June 21st – Father’s Day and the 3rd on Sunday, July 7th – the week before the Festival. Everyone entered by these dates has the opportunity to win an extra $1,000! That is why it is so important to return your Raffle Ticket stubs and monies to the church office as soon as possible so that you may be eligible to win.


LAMB DONATIONS are once again being sought for the Grecian Festival. Anyone wishing to donate a lamb to help cover the costs for our food supplies is asked to contact the church office or Fr. Ted. Donation for a full lamb is $100 and a half-a-lamb $60. As of May 15th we have received a total of 6 lamb donations. As you can see we have a ways to go reach our goal of 400 lambs this year.


PEOPLE are needed to offer their time and talent to help run the Festival. The more people involved the less work for all. Sign up Sundays after worship or during the week in the church office. Please volunteer to help our Cathedral have the best Grecian Festival yet!




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